Conference Venue at Palace of Arts

The conference venue will be held at the "Palácio das Artes - Fábrica de Talentos" (Palace of Arts - Talent Factory) that is located on the historical centre of Porto, near the River Douro, at S. Domingos Square, 16-22.

The building is owned by the Youth Foudation, a private non-profit national organization with the aim to support the integration of youngsters in the valor market, settled up in 1989, with the support of 21 public and private organisations.

Acting on a national level, the Youth Foundation has its Headquarters in Oporto, with branches in Lisbon Region (Oeiras), in the Algarve (Tavira), and on Madeira Island (Funchal).

The Youth Foundation (YF) achieves its purpose by carrying out or supporting initiatives that promote the integration of young people in adult and professional life, and youth-related social and cultural activities.

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