Conference topics

Abstracts and papers may be submitted under the following topics.

01- Religious phenomena as expressions of faith

Under this topic Authors may present research on different expressions of faith and religious phenomena, analysing “religion” and “faith” per se. Studies on religion as a result of individual or collective faith are also welcome.

02- Religious equity

Equity in religious practice should be guaranteed in intercultural environments that share a time and a geographical location. Equity is a necessary condition to ensure cohesion in a multi-religious community. Furthermore, equity preserves both for individuals and the communities their “places of faith”, while ensuring that no one is excluded for reasons of religious belief from human and citizens’ rights, notably, welfare, health, education, housing and security.

03- Religion and social structures

This topic is intended to bring forward discussion on inter-connectivity and mutual influence between religion and social structures: how they are shaped and kept, how they change in time, how crises and structural disruptions can be perceived and what the role and the discourse of religion(s) is under such junctures.

04- Religion and Politics

Religion often crosses the realm of politics and vice versa. From geopolitical considerations, to secularisation debates, party politics  and ideology, the discourse on human rights, nation-building and identities, or even terrorism, religion remains a key variable of political outcomes in many parts of the world. Papers covering this broad range of connections are welcome under this topic.

05- Religion and economics

This topic will gather contributions on the analysis of religion’s role/impact on economy and, as a reverse perspective, on economic influence on religious phenomena. Both theoretical approaches and case-studies are welcome under this topic.

06- Religion and tourism

From pilgrimage (as act of faith) to touristic excursions (aiming religious destinations) all types of tourism related with religion will be under analysis here. Connected issues – as accommodation, food, transport, infra-structures, security, or other – may also be considered for papers submitted under this topic. 

07- Religious heritage

Under this topic a very broad range of papers may be accepted, as “heritage” is used comprehensively, meaning tangible and intangible, vernacular and erudit, built and movable heritage.  Objects or constructions that are not ‘sacred’, yet directly linked to religion, are also included in this topic. 

08- Sacred Art, Music and Literature

The topic encompasses these three very specific forms of religious expression and heritage. Art, music and literature are often connected and interdependent, as epochal or style manifestations. The cultural-artistic expression of religion is therefore here aimed at.

09- Sacred architectural spaces: their meaning, evolution, transformation and adaptation

Many areas, spots, locations were once sacralised – either remained as sacred places or changed status (by re-use or destruction, or because the religious phenomenon that had give them a reason to exist vanished). Under this topic these spaces and their reasons to be (or no longer exist) are under analysis.